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Amarilli Consort

The group performs music from the time when the renaissance transitioned into the baroque. This was a dynamic period when science, art and music developed, sometimes seen as the birth of modern man. Italian music from those days is wilful and unpredictable, vital and passionate. The song above, about the shepherdess Amarilli, by Giulio Caccini, is one of the most beloved of the late Renaissance. During this same era, John Dowland´s melancholic lute songs were becoming immensely popular in Queen Elisabeth´s England. Thus, Italian and English music is the focus for Amarilli Consort.

Amarilli Consort

performs on instruments from the late renaissance and early baroque period, including baroque violin, viola da gamba, recorders, lutes, theorbs and the human voice. This broad instrumental gallery allows us to play music, ranging from the “big band music” of the era to subtle love songs, from music for worldly pleasure to sacred church music. We currently concentrate on music from England and Italy around 1600, giving performances in churches, and at banquets and festivals. We can also work together with local church choirs in Masses from this period.

Amarilli Consorts members

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Jörgen Nilhamn, mail

lute and theorb

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viola da gamba

For further information, please contact us! Eva-Lis Carlsson (+46) 40-981437 Jörgen Nilhamn (+46) 411-17621